What are the best mass gainers supplements?

best gainers

When the goal is to increase size and volume with strong, defined muscles, mass-gain supplements (known as gainers) are definitely the best bet . Everyone who has difficulty gaining weight knows it! After all, no matter how many times you train, or how intense your training, your efforts will not compensate if you do not go beyond the calories you need to suppress your needs.

But first, what exactly is a gainer ?

Those who need the most extra calories often find it a real challenge to get all those calories just through food. Be it because they have highly active metabolisms, or because of their busy lifestyle. This is where the gainers come in.

Filled with all the ingredients that make up the mass – high biological value proteins, complex carbohydrates, healthy fats and micronutrients, in extremely caloric doses, the gainers provide:

  • Seriously and sustainably;
  • The essential to support the growth, maintenance and recovery of muscles;
  • Increased daily consumption of macronutrients;
  • Increase and maintain muscle mass.

A mass gain supplement is a quick, easy and inexpensive way to gain muscle mass. There are many gainers available and everyone assures you that you will get great after trying them out. So what are the best gainers on the market?

Based on the quality of ingredients, efficacy, taste and opinions of our customers , we select the most popular mass gainers for you. So before you choose your ally, take a look at the list that follows.

Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass

optimum-nutrition_serious-mass-6-lbs-2721g_1Year after year, Optimum Nutrition has set the bar high for the food supplement industry. The quality of its products is unshakable and Serious Mass is no exception. Loaded with 1250 calories of mass gain, 250g of carbohydrates, almost 50g of protein and 25 vitamins and minerals per serving, Serious Mass gives you a delicious, high-quality shake. What’s more, the formula has been enriched with glutamine, creatine, choline chloride, inositol and easy to digest fatty acids (TCMs), going beyond the basic ingredients and taking your size very seriously.

Muscletech Mass-Tech Performance Series

muscletech_mass-tech-performance-series-7lbs-32kg_1Providing 1170 calories for mass gain per serving, derived from high-quality protein and complex carbohydrates that work at different stages, Muscletech Mass-Tech® offers key ingredients to everyone who has difficulty gaining weight. But when the goal is to get really great, you need to go beyond these base ingredients. With this in mind, the Mass-Tech® Performance Series has been enriched with essential fats rich in omega-3s, creatine to boost strength and important amino acids such as L-Alanine, L-Leucine, Glycine, Taurine and Glutamine for superior effects. Moreover, Muscletech ensures the best flavor in this category of supplements, offering 4 delicious options: strawberry, milk chocolate, wafer and cream, and vanilla.

Xcore Savage Bear Mass Prey

xcore-savage_bear-mass-prey-6lbs-2722g_1Xcore Savage believes that “if you want to be the size of a bear, you have to eat like one”. Following this motto, they did not leave anything out in Bear Mass Prey . Per serving, this gainer gives you over 1200 calories, with 60g of molecularly hydroisolated higher quality meat protein. So if you are looking for other sources of protein other than whey, Bear Mass Prey should be on your shopping list. Due to its InsulinRush ™ complex, Xcore Savage Bear Mass Prey produces the ideal insulin peak, making it possible for nutrients to be promptly sent to muscle cells, quickly replenishing glycogen stores in muscles. On the other hand, and just like a steak, this gainer has its own enzyme complex, K-Eazyme™, which ensures you get the most out of the 60g of protein present in each dose.

Mutant Mass

mutant_mutant-mass-22-kg_1Mutant is more than just a brand of supplements. It is, in fact, a lifestyle followed by those who want a size not large but huge. That’s why Mutant Mass has become the gainer of choice among bodybuilders and powerlifters who aspire to build mutant muscles. This gainer provides 1060 ultra-dense calories for mass gain. Home Dose is packed with high quality protein and clean carbohydrates, such as waxy corn, ensuring less sugars. In addition, Mutant Mass was enhanced with a unique blend of nutrients rich in EFAs and Medium Chain Triglycerides (TCMs). There are many flavors available and Mutant Mass is often sold in large quantities, which is perfect if you are looking to stock up and save some money.

Scitec Jumbo Professional

scitec_jumbo-professional-714-lbs-3240g_1Jumbo means big and strong. And the nutrient ratios of Scitec Jumbo Professional reflect these brand goals. In one dose, this gainer provides 52g of fast-acting whey protein, with all the amino acids required. But one of the highlights of Jumbo Professional is definitely its carbohydrate blend, “6-CARB,” which combines slow-moving and fast-digesting ingredients such as oatmeal, Palatinose ™ and waxy corn starch. In addition, if you are looking to increase strength and performance while increasing your size, you should definitely consider this gainer as a solid bet, as it contains a creatine matrix, called CREA-BOMB , which offers no 1 or 2, but 6 types of creatine.

Prozis Sport Real Mass Gainer

prozis-sport-real-mass-gainer-2722-g_1Following the motto “keep it real, keep it simple”, Prozis Sport has developed Real Mass Gainer . Contains superior quality whey and egg white protein, slow digestion oatmeal, fast acting maltodextrin and medium chain fats (MCTs), absorbed and metabolized rapidly by our body. When it comes to nourishing the muscles and ensuring that they continue to grow, these ingredients are what really matters. With Real Mass Gainer, you will not consume unnecessary, non-nutritious ingredients. You will have the highest quality in 400 calorie nutrient-rich doses. And yet, we challenge you to find any other gainer with such a rich and simple nutritional profile at such a competitive price.

BSN True Mass

bsn_true-mass-16-servings-eu_1BSN ‘s True Mass is a premium gainer that truly stands out for the high quality of its ingredients and the mouth-watering flavors. BSN True Mass contains a multifunctional whey protein matrix and a unique carbohydrate blend giving the caloric support needed to prepare your body for intense workout as well as recovery. Also, provide you with healthy fats to meet your energy requirements. And the cherry on top of this complete nutritional profile? All the delicious flavors available that will make the moment of your milkshake to mass gain one of the best moments of your day.

Xcore Xtreme Mass Gainer SS

xcore_xtreme-mass-gainer-ss-2722g_1Are you looking for a real nutritional pump? We just found one for you: Xtreme Mass Gainer SS . With almost 1300 calories per serving, containing more than 60g of protein and about 250g of hydrates, this gainer is ideal for both people with a rapid metabolism and those who are following intensive training programs. But Xcore went further and added an exclusive complex to the formula. InsulinRush ™ combines maltodextrin and inositol to stimulate insulin release and help deliver all of the nutrients in this supplement to muscle cells. It also contains creatine monohydrate and glutamine, providing the extra help needed for muscle recovery.

Dymatize Super Mass Gainer

dymatize_super-mass-gainer-6-lbs-2721g_1Super Mass Gainer is a highly concentrated supplement with all the nutrients needed to help you gain and maintain mass and match the formulas of leading competitors in the market. But Dymatize is not a brand that is content with “as good as the rest.” So in the formula, in addition to a very significant 1280 calories and 50g of glutamine-rich protein per serving, added creatine for strength and a mix of digestive enzymes to take maximum advantage of calories and protein without any abdominal discomfort.

Universal Nutrition Real Gains

universal gainsThinking of all those who are highly active and athletic, Universal Nutrition has developed the Real Gains . At each dose, you will find the best whey protein, with an excellent amino acidprofile , and the best micellar casein. In this formula, they also included large amounts of complex carbohydrates, TCMs, flaxseed oils and a special dietary fiber, called inulin, to help digest the macronutrients. With Real Gains you have more than anything – that is, calories, protein, hydrates, fiber, good fats, flavor – and less than that does not matter. And so it’s one of the best bets when you have to choose your ally in the mass gain.


Remember that even with the help of these amazing gainers , the real muscle growth does not appear from day to night. Gaining mass requires serious dedication. Continues to train hard, be consistent with your eating plan, sleeping the necessary hours and you will see great results in the end.

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