What are the best thermogenic supplements?

thermogenics to lose weight

Most people who train to stay healthy and have a body care has gone through the long, nasty and exhausting experience of losing a few pounds. Losing weight is not easy, it takes a lot of sacrifice, a lot of determination and discipline, but that’s what you have to do to finally be able to display the glorious six-pack you worked so hard for.

Although a strict diet and an intensive training plan are fundamental, they may not bring the results you expect. This is where the thermogenicscome in  . These products contain potent active ingredients that accelerate metabolism and stimulate the body to burn more fat in a shorter period of time.

Thermogenics are known for:

  • Have an effective fat burning effect;
  • Promote a diuretic effect that fights water retention;
  • Increase energy levels.

Take a look at the list below before choosing your ally.

Green Coffee Extract (Prozis Foods)

Thermogenics with lots of ingredients may seem like “overkill” to most people. And the truth is that, depending on your goal, a simple stimulant is enough. The Green Coffee Extract of Foods Catalog provides one of those ingredients that promotes fat burning naturally . It contains a considerable amount of chlorogenic acid, an antioxidant with stimulating properties that produces a thermogenic effect on the body. In addition, it helps decrease the absorption of carbohydrates after meals, lowering blood sugar levels, which in turn increases satiety. By combining these two actions into a simple formula, the Green Coffee Extract is an excellent first choice for beginners.

Lipo-6 Black (Nutrex)

Lipo 6 NutrexThe original Lipo-6 Black has been slightly altered over the years and today features a synergetic combination of only six main ingredients. But do not let the simplified formula seem to fool you. With five very potent plant extracts, some of which are rare in fat burners, the effect it produces is as surprising as it is effective .

XCESS Ultra Concentrate (Xcore)

XCESS Ultra Concentrate (Xcore)Xcore has recently launched XCESS Ultra Concentrate with the goal of bringing to market a powerful thermionic fat burning supplement . This product was developed to act in the body in a simple way, but to produce extreme thermionic effects through 3 processes: Appetite control, due to Cambodia diagramming – ingredient that helps to regulate appetite, fat burning, by accelerating metabolism basal, and finally, unlike other thermionic supplements, a diuretic effect that combats fluid retention and reduces body volume. This product also provides energy for your workouts and daily activities. Composed of powerful ingredients, Excess Ultra Concentrate promises a full and effective action .

Fat Burner (Prozis Diet)

Fat burner ProzisFor those looking for a popular and complete solution in the thermogenic section, Prozis Diet’s Fat Burner is known as a safe and effective formula . 
With an integrated effect, this product combines 8 active ingredients that will reach and enhance different aspects of the weight loss process – such as caffeine, green tea and green coffee – known for their thermogenic actions. 
Fat Burner also contains Raspberry Ketones and L-Carnitine, used to turn fat into energy, as well as Cambragia, an ingredient with an appetite control effect, ideal to end your unwanted cravings for eating out of hours!

Xcess Day-Burn (Xcore)

Xcore Xcess Day BurnThe XCESS Day-Burn is a powerful thermogenic supplement from Xcore, ideal for those who want to accelerate metabolism and keep it active during the day , turning the fat accumulated into energy. Some people find it hard to burn fat because of a slower metabolism, and this product will help you get around this difficulty, helping you burn calories even when you’re not training. 
In addition to the common thermogenic effects, this product contains other interesting features such as a diuretic and detox action , causing you to lose volume, a hormonal support, which potentiates the release of fat from the cells, and a complex carbohydrate blocker, which reduces the absorption by the organism.
This product can even be boosted with the XCESS After-Hours , for an enhanced thermogenic action at night.

Animal Cuts (Universal)

Animal cuts UniversalWhen Universal Nutrition created the Animal line, they knew their audience well. And today, bodybuilders around the world know that Animal products have been specifically formulated to meet their needs. The Animal Cuts is no exception. This is an extreme fat burner, which provides more than 40 active ingredients, distributed in 7 different complexes that stimulate metabolism , natural thermogenesis and mental focus, while inhibiting appetite and preserving muscle mass and hormonal functions . In short, this is not a starter supplement! You must be accustomed to training hard and seriously – a bodybuilder who just wants real results quickly.

Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite (Muscletech)

Hydroxycut hardcore MuscletechOn our list of most effective thermogenics is Muscletech. This product is not for play, nor is it recommended for beginners or people who do not respond well to stimulants. It is composed of only 4 ingredients, but these are extremely potent and, in the dose they were combined, will leave you “electric” . The Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite is as effective stimulant effect that can even function as pre-workout, helping you to train with more intensity and at the same time, to burn ridiculous amounts of fat.

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